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How will you help address the affordability problems in Austin?

We must address the Root Causes – We must be Visionary, not Reactionary – We must Eliminate Cost of Living & DE commodify Access to Earths Abundance

This is an evolved form of human society, wherein everyone’s health, wellness and creative potential is maximized, where everyone lives their purpose in absolute abundance. This can be known as Universal Resource Access. We approach every key sector of our social structure, and piece by piece, we transfer the ownership of those systems to the collective ownership of the people, and we eliminate the costs and risks through smart uses of automated and advanced technologies, as well as cooperative Contributionism projects.

Through our collaborative approach we will make Water, Food, Housing, Transportation, Healthcare, Energy, Telecommunications, and Education FREE for ALL people. When we liberate ourselves from debt imprisonment, every single one of us will be free to develop our talents, skills, and passions, to spark new innovations to solve the massive amount of challenges we face as humans on this planet. When we perceive our city as one large cooperative business, and when we all have free time to work together, Austin will be the happiest, most innovative city on Earth.

Energy – This is the first place to begin, as we will utilize the latest advancements in quantum energy generation technology, which creates more energy per acreage, at the lowest cost per kwh, 100% renewably, with a byproduct of oxygenated, structured water that is most vital to human wellness. This abundance of energy gives us a tool to create more, faster. Every great leap in civilization is preceded by a leap in energy technology.

This is a crucial element to the Incentivized Contribution Cooperative Volunteer Network, as we can offer free electricity as an absorbed “cost” as one incentive for a minimum contribution of 3-5 hours per week to any Community Project that benefits the greater good. These incentives can also include tax exemptions and other full-sovereignty-consensus community- derived benefits, and the return we receive as a collective community will far outweigh the absorbed cost of offering these incentives. Some example projects can be: ] housing & transportation infrastructure construction, building eco-village healing centers for homeless, community organic farming in every neighborhood, picking up trash, home renovation/neighborhood upgrades, mentorships, cooperative profit sharing innovative businesses & so much more. Energy is a key to getting this parallel system operational; this model benefits ALL people, is completely voluntary, and does not extract from anyone. This is a regenerative model. Simply, we have tools, either through elimination of utility costs, tax exemptions, or any other relevant and consensus-reached benefit, to incentivize a group of people in our city to become the Greater Good Coalition of Valued Leaders in Our Community. These are people who will be given dignity, respect, and public recognition for their contributions, who will help us for ALL sorts of activities that benefit the community.

Housing – by reasonably mandating that all development be Earth-resonant, we address the root causes of affordability, since we build housing that does not have any cost to run or maintain, and with cooperative equity models, will cost nothing for rent or mortgage. We will create DEBT FREE Housing.

We need regenerative forms of housing and opportunities for ALL to benefit.

We can establish Sovereign Single Family Master-Vitality Communities in every single across the city, to bring an element of justice to our historically racially and class-system-exclusive segmenting of Austin. We will offer Right To Return 1st option for Indigenous Families, and for those who have been displaced from Austin within the century. Inclusion and Protection for Asylum-Seekers & Undocumented Immigrants. Equity opportunities for incarcerated people to aid in re-entry. This is more reflects the profundity of our present ability to offer resource access in both the vertical urban density context, and in single-family districts. When we accelerate the completion of crucial transportation infrastructure projects, all areas will be freely interconnected and equitably accessible. It’s crucial we assert single-family opportunity in every council district, as to universalize the range of Austin’s geographical embrace by all people. These will become the debt-free, master planned eco-communities, more modern, custom to uniquely match the needs of each family, more sovereign than we’ve ever experienced in this lifetime.

We do need Urban Dense Vertical Housing, and once again we are offering solutions for Rent-Free, Utility Bill FREE, DEBT-FREE Vertical Housing for Millions of People. It’s time to become a FREE city!

Given there is a strong desire for real estate developers to build things in Austin for their personal profit, and given that up until this point all of that development has made our problems worse while violating the people and the Earth, it is now time to support a cooperative approach for Regenerative Real Estate Investment. By shifting our focus onto investing in the wellness of the people, we are therefore investing in the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of our people, and further maximizing our profit potential.

Charging a person for shelter is such a primitive way to invest resources into driving human housing behavior. We need to think bigger, and invest in the liberation of people to unleash their true innovative potential. There is always cooperative opportunity for investments, and anyone in Real Estate should not be afraid of me. I am giving you MORE opportunity to invest, with bigger profits while becoming more fulfilled. Everyone will make MUCH more money together when we are ALL thriving. This is an evolved understanding of the market, remember! Let’s not limit ourselves any longer! Let’s all become abundant rock stars and be the city of the future. Austin is our collective, cooperative business. Let’s eliminate cost and risk, and maximize quality of life and profits for all of us.

(This of course corresponds directly with our Whole-System approach of Universal Resources, utilizing the newly available energy technologies, as well as Ubuntu- Consciousness cooperative networks.)

The key concept to understand is PROFIT SHARING through REGENERATIVE Projects with multiple EQUITY models. Built in Profit Models for vertical dense housing and even single- family areas are limitless in probability, and several obvious options are: Short Terms Rentals, Commercial Areas, & Entrepreneurial Technology Labs. Let’s say for example we build a new tower, the peoples tower, with 99 levels. 33 of the levels could be purchased units, 33 of the levels could be Contributionism-Life-Long-Leases/Build-To-Own/Sweat-Equity Housing units (still abundant and biofield vitality optimizing), 22 of the levels could be Short Term Rentals, a sort of ‘People’s Hotel/AustinBnB, and these will generate SO much revenue. These units will be historic and internationally novel, as never before has a building been built net-zero, carbon-sequestering, utility bill free, human vitality optimizing with natural air flow, optimal sunlight, vital water infrastructure, plus the cultural significance of the community owning and operating the building, with full creativity and unified expression—it becomes the most sought after Austin tourist experience; 11 levels could be Commercial Rental space, plus Entrepreneurial Labs. The commercial rental space provides obvious revenue, and the entrepreneurial labs would be a place for residents to utilize in creating new innovative solutions that solve major human problems and can be exported and sold globally. This revenue is partially shared by the Tower, as a return from the seed investment in the creation of the project. These are just some small examples of REGENERATIVE investment.

The revenue stays local, rather than being sucked out by potentially non-local entities, while the outcome reflects the inherent Abundance of the planet, in longevity for long-term human benefit and ecological resonance.

Transportation – We can clearly use our cooperative volunteer power to rapidly accelerate our construction of much needed transportation infrastructure. We need an Urban Rail, Autonomous Shuttle Networks, Protected Pedestrian Walkability Everywhere, and dedicated Bike/Scooter Roadways.

In a city of roughly 1,000,000 people, we will likely find 10,000 people (0.01%of population) who want to get free electricity somehow. If each one of these people only donates 3 hours of their time per week, we could have 1,428 people volunteering each day, which breaks down to 285 people contributing each hour, if we work from 6am to 9pm. Of course we can configure this however is relevant to the task at hand. For example, if an area of road or a bridge needed to be built, these 10,000 people will be organized into micro-teams, who specialize in micro-tasks, who meet over the course of 12-14 weeks (1 day a week) to learn safety, procedure, and master that one tiny little job. Then, once the time comes for construction, every team will go in order of their task, and carry it out effectively. When 10,000 people descend on a project, it will get done much quicker, and with much more community heart. We have the ability to achieve much more through cooperation and abundant mindset. Imagine the economic benefit we receive by completing a major intersection project in 2 weeks, versus 2 years.

With this type of approach, we can accomplish much more with our money, since it won’t be wasted on inefficient profit systems, it will go directly into the materials and maximizing of outcome for all people. This will be followed up with more substantial investment for transportation infrastructure.

The ultimate goal is to make transportation public and completely FREE for all People, so we should always strive for that.