A respected University of Texas study has found that Austin is the only high-growth city that is losing African Americans, both in terms of numbers and percentage of the total population. Do you consider this a problem? If so, what would you do to reverse or stabilize the decline?

This is most definitely a problem, and a large reason for this problem are the “Trumpain” business deals enacted by our current administration that give large tax breaks to large real estate firms who gentrify historically black areas (eg. East Austin) by building high rise condos, craft breweries, and dog parks, forcing many long time low income black residents to move out.  Some of my proposals (as of now) include designating more historical districts along East Austin, offering rent subsidies to local business who have had a historical presence in Austin (Sam’s BBQ), offer a 5% reduction in property taxes for homeowners with water efficient lawn, make public transportation more readily available in African American communities, place electric bikes and dockless scooters at every bus stop in Austin, use electric cabs to shuttle people from their homes/place of work (make it a point to station these vehicles in low income areas), and create legislation stating that newspapers are not allowed to print mugshots of individuals accused of a crime upon arrest.  Ultimately, while my ideas may help, it is up to me to go into these communities and sit down with the residents in order to come up with effective solutions for these issues.