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What policies will you advocate to accommodate and welcome the full abundance and diversity of people who aspire to live in Austin’s neighborhoods?

Steve Adler


“I support policies and programs, including changes to our land development code that would allow for more housing choices and supply for Austinites at all stages of life and incomes. Our policies and new Code should:
– Allow for a wide variety of housing types which are affordable to households at a broad range of incomes and for people at every stage of life from young, single adults, families with children, to seniors
– Sensitively provide for more housing types in neighborhoods, transition areas, activity centers, along transportation corridors, and near transit stations
– Enable more small accessory dwelling units (ADUs) while maintaining building and impervious cover limits, in order to help homeowners with housing costs and allow more flexibility as households’ needs change over time
– Allow exceptions to building requirements for small accessory dwelling units (ADU) to provide incentives to preserve the original residence or create affordability
– Allow families with homes on substandard lots to more easily remodel and stay in place
– Allow homes in more commercial areas to help provide more housing
– Allow for site plan requirements and administrative approvals that support the development of diverse housing options, including ADUs and multiplexes where appropriate
– Include development and design standards that support the development of housing along transportation corridors
– Help to correct past patterns of segregation and helps Austin achieve its Fair Housing goals
– Encourage the development and preservation of affordable housing