What policies will you advocate to address the increasingly unaffordable housing, transportation, and utility costs that are economically segregating our neighborhoods?

Steve Adler


“I will support policies that encourage the development and preservation of affordable housing that minimizes residents’ transportation costs and city expenditures for utility infrastructure, including associated changes to our land development code and in the awarding of affordable housing support.
– We need to create opportunities to build and preserve housing that is more affordable than homes being built today under the current Code;
– We need to encourage property owners to keep existing housing that is affordable for middle and lower-income families and offer targeted incentives;
– We need to expand affordable housing in the appropriate areas, corridors and centers of Austin in order to create opportunities for people to live closer to work, school, family and friends, and help address the historic inequities and economic segregation of lower-income Austinites;
– We need to expand opportunities for community solar with access provided lower-income Austinites, as part of overarching plans to make distributed power and water supply more available.