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As a majority-minority state, what role do you see Austin playing in the long-term conversation around immigration and migrant rights?

Danielle Skidmore

City Council, District 9

In my view, if we claim to be a progressive bastion in Texas, we must practice what we preach and facilitate progress that benefits everyone. An updated land development code that results from an inclusive process and results in an inclusive community will benefit all of our neighborhoods.

Being a good neighbor, to me, means to be welcoming. As a transportation engineer, I’m known for my stance on mobility, sustainability and housing accessibility. But this all boils down to a question of equity too. Equity involves making space for all people. Welcoming more people into our city’s core neighborhoods means less pushing people out into our peripheral neighborhoods—and less of the gentrification that comes with it. Exclusionary policies are not neighborly! Regarding how immigration policy plays into this, I will commit to vote against measures like 287g that endanger the wellbeing of our diverse immigrant population. I will continue to fight alongside our progressive community to bring real change to leadership in our State and Federal government as we work to reclaim our soul as a nation that truly welcomes immigrants.