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Affordable housing is a major problem in Austin. Large numbers of people who work in Austin cannot afford to live in Austin. Many families are moving outside the city to find affordable housing. Do you have any ideas to help create more affordable housing or to make existing housing more affordable?

Danielle Skidmore

City Council, District 9

As a simple first step, we must also legalize ADUs in all Austin neighborhoods (referenced above), which the incumbent has voted against in the past. The Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint, prepared by Neighborhood Housing and Community Development is an excellent guide for the kinds of step that our city can and must take to help address our affordability crisis.

There is land owned by the city that remains underutilized, but could take on new life as affordable housing to welcome diverse families—including many examples in District 9, such as the largely unoccupied parking lot next to the Clarksville Community Health Center on Toyath. I expand upon this example in a recent blog post on my campaign site: https://www.danielleforall.com/blog/turf-underfoot-roofs-over-heads