Austin Parks Foundation is continuously involved in community engagement to ensure that our projects and work align with community values and needs. What is your philosophy on community engagement, and how would you engage with the community to ensure that their needs around parks and open space are appropriately addressed?

Danielle Skidmore

City Council, District 9

As I look at the shortcomings of the intended LDC rewrite, a very important
point to note is that a solution necessarily needs to be citizen-guided from
the get-go. This is where our prior attempt failed: residents felt that their
voices were not being heard. The bridge in my logo is intentional-we need
to bridge dissenting viewpoints, business representatives and social justice
advocates, all districts throughout the city in a solution that considers the
needs of and works for all Austinites. The conversations leading to this new
solution will necessarily include, and promote, the importance of parks and
open space-for the health of our city residents, and our planet at large.