Ensuring equitable access to quality parks for all Austinites is a key priority for Austin Parks Foundation. How might you work as a decision-maker for both your district and the city as a whole to move the needle on equitable access to quality parks?

Danielle Skidmore

City Council, District 9

I believe our D9 parks are more adequately funded and supported to than
other parks in other communities throughout Austin, especially on the East
Side. I am running to represent District 9 and all of Austin, so I believe our
biggest priority needs to be more equitably distributing resources to parks
throughout the city. Safe, convenient access to quality neighborhood parks
in all of our city’s neighborhoods is a key component of our Health &
Environment Strategic Outcome. Focused investments in underserved
communities will more dramatically impact the overall quality of life of the
residents, and they should absolutely be prioritized.