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Rising property taxes are a growing concern. There are a number of people who believe taxes are high because the city provides not only essential city services (police, fire, etc.) but non-essential services (social service contracts, education funding, etc.) If elected, how would you prioritize what is or is not an essential city service?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

Because East Austin has been neglected for so long, what may be considered non-essential services in one part of the city, may be essential in others parts like East Austin. To inform my decision to prioritize what may be considered non-essential services, I would consult with:

– District 1 residents and community organizations – The City Manager’s office – Other relevant stakeholders

I would also look at:

– Our City Charter – Our identified community priorities – Our budget – Opportunities to create new funding streams for anything that may be considered non-essential but may nevertheless represent an important investment for our community.