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Do you consider parks an important community asset? Why?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

Parks are an essential asset in any community, but especially in District 1
and in Austin. As our city grows, it becomes increasingly important that we
preserve natural spaces and wildlife habitats, that we provide community
gathering spaces for events, and that children, families and adults have
spaces for playing and recreation.

The resources provided by our parks help build and strengthen the bonds
of our community. Parks in Austin often offer the most accessible and
affordable recreation for many people that might not otherwise have
recreation options.

Parks can also be critical connection points for active transportation to help
alleviate our increasingly congested roadways. Finally, parks and the trees
and plants that make them so wonderful help improve our air quality and
make this city healthier by offering free exercise spaces. There is
substantial community benefit from having a strong parks infrastructure
across our city.

Austin is fortunate to have so many beautiful park spaces. These assets
attract people to our city, the events held in the park help build community,
and the recreation opportunities they create are why many Austinites love
to live here.