Austin Parks Foundation is continuously involved in community engagement to ensure that our projects and work align with community values and needs. What is your philosophy on community engagement, and how would you engage with the community to ensure that their needs around parks and open space are appropriately addressed?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

Community Engagement is a major part of how I hope to be effective as a
City Council Member. Throughout my campaign, I have worked to get out
to all of the areas of District 1, including those that are often outer lying and
disengaged from City decision-making processes.

I feel strongly that engaging people about how to strengthen and build their
own communities is critical for addressing inequities and making smart
decisions for the future of our city.

My plan for engagement as a City Council Member includes getting out into
the community regularly to learn more about the issues that impact District
1 most significantly and working with those most affected by issues to fully
understand their needs and interests. This strategy includes hearing from
community members about the parks and other city facilities needs and
desires. My hope is to connect community leaders with those working
within the city as well as nonprofit and other non-governmental partners to
ensure a collaborative approach to planning and decision making around
issues that are most relevant to the community.