What do you believe the role of private partners should be in maintaining and improving public parks? What actions would you take to strengthen and improve public-private partnerships?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

I believe that private partners can be a key pillar in building, improving and
maintaining public parks. City Departments are often being asked to do
more with less and make their resources stretch further. The only way this
is possible is through partnerships with private organizations that can bring
in additional resources and supports into the work of the City. These
partners do not face many of the restrictions that local government
agencies do and therefore can supplement the work of the city in important

Private agencies can support community engagement, planning,
construction and development, improvement initiatives and much more. I
will work closely with many local stakeholders, from community members to
the Parks and Recreation Board and private partners to encourage
collaboration and identify opportunities for partnership in decision making. I
will also work closely with these stakeholders to inform my own decision
making around all parks related issues.