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What policies will you advocate to accommodate and welcome the full abundance and diversity of people who aspire to live in Austin’s neighborhoods?

Sabino “Pio” Renteria

City Council, District 3


Housing Affordability is the biggest crisis our city is facing and something I will continue to tackle head on. Preserving and creating affordable housing is my top priority.

I’ve worked with non-profit housing providers like Habitat, HACA, and Mobile Loaves & Fishes to help create hundreds of affordable homes. Throughout my life I’ve pushed for affordable housing bonds and supported projects in my neighborhood that brought affordability. I’m also pushing for Prop A, the $250 million affordable housing bond.

We need to focus density onto our major transportation and transit corridors. We must allow for different housing types and mixed-use developments that allow for housing for families of all income levels to be built – particularly in neighborhoods outside of East and South Austin that have not already borne a disproportionate amount of Austin’s growth.