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Affordable housing is a major problem in Austin. Large numbers of people who work in Austin cannot afford to live in Austin. Many families are moving outside the city to find affordable housing. Do you have any ideas to help create more affordable housing or to make existing housing more affordable?

Sabino “Pio” Renteria

City Council, District 3


Housing is a major component of affordability. That’s why I’m enthusiastically supporting Proposition A, the affordable housing bond on the November ballot, and I plan to promote it during any opportunity I might get throughout the course of my campaign.

At Council, I advocated for a $300 million affordable housing bond but was glad when the Council supported a $250 million bond because it is still the largest proposed affordable housing investment in Austin’s history.

I have worked to create a Homestead Preservation District in East Austin so that we can capture increased tax revenue that has resulted from major redevelopments and have a fund that will eventually accumulate millions of dollars dedicated to preserving and creating affordable housing.

I have authored and co-sponsored resolutions and ordinances that have allowed affordable housing providers like the Housing Authority, Austin Habitat for Humanity, and Mobile Loaves and Fishes to create hundreds, if not thousands of affordable homes.

Austin is facing a severe housing crisis that requires immediate action. Providing affordable housing was one of my primary goals when I first ran for Council in 2014 and while I’m proud of all that we’ve accomplished over the past few years, there’s still much more work to do.

Building affordable housing to ensure working families in Austin can remain continues to be my top priority.