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How will you coordinate with regional partners to meaningfully address our increasing traffic level? What is your long-term vision for addressing traffic in Austin, and what would be the immediate first actions you would champion as a City Council Member to address the crisis?

Sabino β€œPio” Renteria

City Council, District 3


I believe we must work with other municipalities, state, and federal agencies to fund transportation improvements and leverage our dollars. There is no silver bullet to our traffic problems, but we can work to address the problem in several ways. We should focus on multi-modal transportation options and make it possible for people to not always have to drive everywhere. We should improve our sidewalk, bike infrastructure, public transit, and invest in rail. A better land use code can help us deal with our traffic problem by allowing more density, especially on transit corridors. When we force people to live further and further out, we are forcing them to drive more. By not pushing people and businesses out, we can also leverage additional property tax revenue to fund transportation improvements within the city.