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In a recent poll, residents of Austin cited rising property taxes as a major issue they face, iconic business are having to close their doors and longtime residents are moving out citing rising property taxes. Some have also cited homelessness as an impediment to business. How would you slow or stop the increase in City property taxes, encourage other taxing entities to do the same, and balance the requests for more funding coming from the City Departments and the public? One example of the request of more funding is to expand social service contracts to meet needs, including to provide more supportive housing programs. How do you balance less taxes and increased demand for social services? Please explain.

Sabino β€œPio” Renteria

City Council, District 3


As a Council Member, one of my most important roles is to be a good steward of tax-payer dollars. During my time on Council we have raised the homestead tax exemption, increased the senior tax exemption and this year passed the lowest tax increase our city has seen in years all while expanding services and addressing issues like homelessness. We were able to accomplish these things because we understand that raising taxes is not the only way to pay for services. Federal grants, creating new revenue streams, public-private partnerships, and moving departments towards enterprise funding are all examples of how our city is getting creative in order to make Austin Affordable.