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Austin has experienced growth but some constituencies have been left behind. What is your vision for the City’s role in funding/supporting the nonprofit network that provide much needed social services? What is your plan for addressing disparities and inequities in our community?

Todd Phelps


I would start with a vision that lack of affordability and mobility are not just words. These are serious issues that dramatically impact lives of families and the ability of our businesses to succeed in Austin. Worrying about rent increases due to tax increases and property tax increases on homes and businesses cause many social issues which in turn increases the cost of government. The defective permitting processes have negatively impacted our citizens in their ability to improve their homes and increased the cost of residences as well as commercial properties. I would support non-profit organizations that have a track record of success. I want very much to regain the heart and soul of Austin. I am not underestimating the challenge, but I am willing to do my very best to make the City of Austin a “government for all.” It certainly is not that today.