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Which bond Propositions on the November 2018 ballot do you support or not support? Check each that you support. Briefly explain your position.

Todd Phelps


Prop E

Prop F

Prop G

Prop J

Prop K

Prop A—NO I cannot support $100 million in land acquisitions of the $250 million package when McKalla Place, which was the highest ranked parcel of city owned land for affordable housing (appraised at $29.5 million in 2016) is being used for a sports stadium. Otherwise I could have supported this proposition.

Prop B—NO I can’t support this $128 million issue at this time because of the size of the total bond cost.

Prop C—NO I can’t support the $45 million in acquisitions when the city was seriously considering giving away parkland at Guerrero and Butler Shores for a sports stadium. Plus we are struggling to develop and maintain the park system that we have.

Prop D— YES I am supporting this $184 million because of critical flood mitigation—drainage/stormwater. This is crucial to the protection of our residential and commercial properties and infrastructure.

Prop E— YES I am supporting this $16 million public health facility in Dove Springs, and I’ll be looking to Central Health to step up on service delivery in this area.

Prop F—YES I am supporting $38 million for EMS and Fire Stations. One of our first priorities should be public safety and wellbeing.

Prop G— YES I am supporting this $160 million ONLY due to the inclusion of $4.5 million for traffic signal coordination-a common sense approach to help ease congestion.

Prop H- No City Council Members should be able to appointment appropriate members to key boards and commissions.

Prop I – No Any changes to the City Charter should be done in a transparent and public forum, prior to ratification.

Prop J – Yes This was a voter initiative and we need to respect the voice of our community. Changes to the character and function of our neighborhoods need to be a public process.

Prop K – Yes I support identifying inefficiencies and solutions that will save taxpayers’ money.