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What steps will you take to support modernization and digitization of operations within the City of Austin?

Paige Ellis

City Council, District 8


If Austin is truly going to be a modern city then we need to use modern techniques and best practices that open accessibility and transparency. But in general, government moves slowly and is generally averse to change, especially when it comes to operations. I am supportive of new systems that are more efficient for the city and more convenient for our residents but we have some work to do. For instance, I am getting a first-row seat to some of our inconsistencies while running for office in that the city accepts some documents electronically but requires others on paper, there’s got to be a smoother way. Yet the city has adopted some new technologies that make life a little easier for us, in particular I am a fan of the ParkX iPhone app which accommodates an increasingly cashless society and reduces paper waste associated with older parking machines. Other innovations, such as the iPhone stations around Town Lake that allow users to record and share water levels and weather conditions, are a great use of crowdsourcing.