Do you support the right of Austin voters to vote on the sale, lease, or conveyance of any City-owned land that will be used as a sports and/or entertainment stadium? (Note: We recommend this Statesman commentary by UT Professor, Nathen Jenson, for context to this question.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

Absolutely, the citizens have a right to vote on the sale or lease of any for-profit business on city land. The city needs to keep its promise and build affordable housing on city owned land and allow for mix-development so that we can collect property taxes. Now, I realize that we can’t (and shouldn’t) tax affordable housing units, but we can tax the businesses that develop on the land. The affordable housing units can be for creatives, teachers, city employees, etc. It’s not just the poor who can’t afford to live in Austin, it is also the middle class.

Rate your support: 10