Do you support Austin voters securing their right to vote on CodeNEXT or any comprehensive​ development code overhaul — Proposition J on the November ballot? (Note: Passage of Proposition J does not mean that all code changes come to a public vote – only a comprehensive code overhaul, whether it’s called CodeNEXT or something else.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

The City argues that most municipalities do not allow for public vote on the revision of land codes. A quick Google search proves this to be untrue. I understand the problem with public input. Sometimes well-organized interests groups go up against the “great good” goals of a city. In this case, we have two very organized groups who are in opposition of each other. There is a middle ground and it is up to the city and interest groups to find common ground rather than call each other names. Citizens have a right to organize and fight for their interests, and the “greater good” means different things to these groups. Local government is the closest thing we have to a true democracy, the city does not have the right to take that away.

Rate your support: 10