Will you pledge to propose an ordinance or charter amendment to end the practice of the Chamber of Commerce or any other private trade association from negotiating public subsidy deals for the City of Austin without a super-majority vote of the City Council? — like the one going on right now for bringing the Amazon H2Q to the Austin area? (Note: This IndyAustin blog linking to the Austin Bulldog on the secretive Amazon negotiations by the Greater Austin Area Chamber of Commerce and Amazon for the City of Austin.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

The Mayor is getting so much support for “standing up” to Amazon. He is quoted saying that Amazon will not get any incentives and that he doesn’t believe that we have the infrastructure to support them. He’s right, we don’t. But if that is true, then WHY are we having secret meetings. This city talks a lot about transparency. It seems the more they talk about transparency, the less transparent they are. As if talking about it makes it so. As if talking about it will convince citizens that the city listens and is open.

My students had the pleasure of running into Ora Houston at Austin Java House. Houston told my students that the city sets up meetings for community involvement, but that the city has already made their decisions. My students intern with the city in a program called Austin Corps. They met the Mayor Adler. You should have seen Adler squirm as my students asked about the Precourt deal, diversity, affordability and homelessness. I’ll give it to him, his answers were thorough and he gave them his time. Even so, my students saw right through him. He talked about soccer as if it were going to solve our segregation and diversity issues. My student shot back, how much are the tickets and how many times will people of color go if there is no parking? I wished it was filmed.

Rate your support: 10