What’s your favorite park in Austin? Why?

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

I have so many favorite parks. I love Pease Park, Red Bud, Lady Bird,
Zilker, but the park my dog and I enjoy best is Stacy Park. We start our
journey at the baseball field. Often there is a kid’s party with pinatas and
balloons, and it fills my heart when I see dad’s play catch with their sons.
My dog, Birdie, and I, then go down to the creek. Sometimes we find some
teenagers smoking doobies under the cliffs or we see little ones with their
parents examining rocks. Birdie and I then go under a bridge, and when
there is water, Birdie splashes her feet in the water and then sprints up the
hill. We then go visit the dog statue, there was a Buddha statue, but the
city removed it. We sit on the bench and rest. We then go across the street
and continue our journey through Stacy Park. We walk over to the exercise
bars, while Birdie sniffs around, I try to do a pull-up. We often come across
so many people and we have a chat. I love Stacy Park because it reminds
me of Old Austin.