Ensuring equitable access to quality parks for all Austinites is a key priority for Austin Parks Foundation. How might you work as a decision-maker for both your district and the city as a whole to move the needle on equitable access to quality parks?

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

We need to make sure that our parks are safe for children and women.
Dirty, unkempt, and unlit parks are dangerous. As a woman who was
almost attacked in a park, safety is a major issue. We need emergency call
boxes and we need energy efficient light. We also need access to our
parks and that means better bus service. Capital Metro does is not
user-friendly. The wait time for a bus is too long and there isn’t adequate
shelter at the bus stop. It’s terrible that we have our most vulnerable
populations cooking in the sun or getting drenched in the rain, simply
because the City or Cap Met did not put up four posts and a roof.