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What is your collaborative vision when working with other governmental entities (Travis County, State of Texas, Central Health, etc.)?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

I want to see investment in coordinated social service intake, referral, navigation, and case management (i.e. universal intake system) across the City/County/State HHS organizations + private nonprofits to ensure cohesion across often fragmented elements of private social services , e.g. (health care, transportation, high quality child care, food insecurity, preventive health screenings, social service needs, low cost/low-interest loans and financing, etc). This would a)eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies in the social service system, b) focus on human centered design that is more compassionate toward the individuals in need (data shows these individuals and families are often experiencing profound challenges that perpetuate one another and need to be solved systemically) and supporting in navigation, transportation, appointment setting, and similar. Iā€™d like to see the human service budget doubled over an eight year period after gathering data from above point around where gaps in services are with respect to need and how me might most effectively invest in them. Research shows that returns on these investments (after accomplishing #1) come back strong Strong focus on policy that encourages/leverages public private partnerships to provide or extend high quality early childhood education (or Pre-K for 3 year olds) for all families. This cost is monumental and inaccessible to our most vulnerable households and is quickly becoming unbearable for our middle income households (not to mention the large yield on investment that data irrefutably demonstrates)