Do you agree that Austin desperately needs a united front of officeholders, local businesses and voters to “make growth pay for itself?” (Note: An example is the passage of full water impact fees implemented on new developments in 2013. See the huge benefits below. Mind you, these benefits would have disappeared had the “Pilot Knob fiasco” been allowed to stand.) $300 million collections years 1-10 (already raised $150M in first 5 years) $45 million less debt service Fiscal Year 2018 15% lower customer bills Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

Placing the cost of growth on the backs of those who live here is not only unfair, but it is increasingly driving out the very people who built this city. During my service on City Council, I worked with the community toward greater transparency and accountability regarding the true costs of growth. Our successes included stopping public subsidies for utility extensions for new development. We also required an accounting of costs for potential economic incentive agreements (which still needs improvement) and mandated a public process for the consideration and approval of such agreements, where before there had been none. As mayor, I will continue my commitment to Austin residents and taxpayers to ensure that the public is not footing the bill for for-profit ventures, including the cost of growth.

Rate your support: 10