What three items would you most like reform in our current zoning code?

  1. Digitize the code so that all regulations and entitlements are clear for each parcel at a single click. This reform alone would address many of the complexities of the current code and create a more efficient process for both property owners and city reviewers.
  2. Take immediate steps to retain existing affordable housing and curb displacement of lower income residents. This could include adding disincentives for demolitions of market affordable housing; adopting Right to Stay and Right to Return programs for gentrifying areas modeled on Portland’s Right to Return ordinance, which would allow families priced out of these neighborhoods to return to the East Side; and expanding the use of Neighborhood Conservation Combining Districts and Local Historic Districts to preserve Austin’s historically black and brown neighborhoods.
  3. Revise current affordable housing provisions to strengthen density bonus programs, close the “floating” affordable unit loophole, adjust Median Family Income (MFI) levels for gentrifying areas to reflect the actual median income area where a density bonus project is proposed, extend affordability periods to make units permanently affordable and create a density bonus fee-in-lieu program for commercial properties.