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How will you coordinate with regional partners to meaningfully address our increasing traffic level? What is your long-term vision for addressing traffic in Austin, and what would be the immediate first actions you would champion as a City Council Member to address the crisis?

There is general consensus that, absent action to address our traffic crisis, our region will be effectively paralyzed in 20 years. Simply put, this means we must get more people out of their cars and on to alternative forms of transportation. As mayor, I will work with residents, Cap Metro and other governmental partners to build high-capacity transit in Austin through a community-driven process that includes an innovative, realistic and transparent finance plan. It must include proactive measures to stabilize local businesses that may be impacted by construction and to address potential displacement of residents.In addition, I will work to increase the use of transit and active transportation with the implementation of more dedicated bus and bike lanes, and promote a joint campaign with Cap Metro targeted to residents near transit corridors to get them out of personal vehicles – including ride-hailing vehicles – and onto transit. I will also strongly encourage the use of flex time to stagger commuting times for area workers. In addition, I will immediately reach out to regional partners to build a strong working relationship and ensure the city’s transportation plan incorporates effective connections to surrounding areas. Austin must also have a stronger representative to advocate for our city’s needs at CAMPO, for example, by ensuring that leadership positions adequately represent the significance of Austin within the region. As mayor, I will be committed to bringing that stronger voice to the table. Finally, I will work for greater transparency regarding the flow of federal funds dedicated to urban areas through TxDOT and CAMPO.