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Council adopted the Strategic Housing Blueprint last year, calling for 13,500 new units annually over 10 years. This gets us to break-even in terms of need. Would you support amending the City’s proposed Strategic Housing Plan to increase the number to at least 15,000 housing units per year for 10 years, keeping the breakout across income levels and including permanent supportive housing for those chronically experiencing homelessness? (Y/N; Explain)

No I fully support accelerating the provision of deeply affordable housing, but do not believe it is productive to pursue additional amendments to the Strategic Housing Blueprint until we have a created a feasible funding plan and a way to ensure equitable distribution of affordable units to support current goals. As to the 135,500 unit figure, the city demographer has rightly noted that this number reflects the entire Austin MSA, not Austin itself, so it is already well above the break even point for the city.