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What is your collaborative vision when working with other governmental entities (Travis County, State of Texas, Central Health, etc.)?

As a Council Member, I was known for my collaborative leadership style, strong work ethic and ability to engage others, attributes I will bring to the office of mayor. As Austin continues to grow, our relationships with other governmental entities will become ever more important, and our ability to work productively and collaboratively will be key to achieving progress on the critical issues facing our city and our region, most notably housing and transportation. My positive approach to problem solving, well-honed people skills, deep knowledge of city issues, ability to listen to all sides, and experience in hammering out workable compromises will be assets in ensuring productive collaborations with our governmental partners moving forward. I was, as a Council Member, and have remained since then, an active partner with other governmental entities. My participation as a Council Member rejuvenated the Joint Subcommittees of the City, County and AISD leading to strong, productive relationships with collaborative and supportive efforts among the jurisdictions. In addition, I was a member of the board of the Community Advancement Network. I led on allocating funding for AISD as their financial needs became apparent, and also instigated the founding of a program that served both the City’s and AISD’s needs: the Reagan High School PE program for lifeguard certification. I helped to promote that program after being leaving the Council, and supported Travis County’s successful effort in presenting the community’s perspective to Rocky Mountain Institute as they selected Austin as one of their new sites. Unfortunately, with the deal the City recently approved to allow for a property tax exemption to the Precourt soccer venture at McKalla Place, relations between the City and the County have soured. As mayor, I would not go forward with an action with such impact on other jurisdictions without an open dialog with them.