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Do you support a budget at the effective tax rate so home and business owners continue to benefit from the “growth dividend” and pay the same amount in property taxes as in the previous fiscal year? How do we balance this strategy with meeting the needs of people struggling to access services due to a lack of service capacity? How do you prioritize additional funding? Where would you look for efficiencies? (Y/N; Explain)

No As mayor, I will definitely do all in my power to decrease the tax burden on residents, but I cannot commit to the approach described above, which would remove crucial flexibility and could result in unintended cuts to vital services and harm to residents. — My budget priorities will be to increase supports for vulnerable Austinites, including mental health and social services, and to ensure adequate funding for vital public benefits such as parks and open space, all of which are currently underfunded. If cuts are needed to attain these goals, I would look to currently overfunded areas and ineffective programs. We also need to keep a close eye on growth in the City’s management ranks.