What do you see as the City’s responsibility toward addressing the digital divide in Austin, and what steps would you take to bridge that divide?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

  • I recognize that using the internet and technology in general can significantly improve our lives in many ways, including gaining access to important resources. Lack of internet access for our school-age children can be particularly detrimental given how much education relies on technology nowadays.
  • In the City’s District’s 1 Relevancy and Advocacy report, non-internet users in District 1 have identified the cost of internet and not speaking english well enough as the two biggest barriers for accessing internet. Given these socio-economic factors, I think it is the City’s responsibility to facilitate digital inclusion.
  • I look forward to learning from stakeholders including members of the Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission where we are in achieving the goals set out in the Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan to inform my future understanding of this issue.