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With Council’s decision to end CodeNEXT, how do you envision moving forward to update Austin’s land development code?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

  • I think the way the City and Council handled CodeNext was not effective in part because they oversold what it would do, presented a large document whose different draft versions ignored public input, and was too large for anyone to make sense of it.
  • There are many reasons to criticize CodeNext as a process and as a product, but our current land development code is outdated and must be updated to meet the needs of our growing city and be able to grow in a more compact way to prevent further sprawl.
  • Moving forward, I think the city needs to first set comprehensive policies to address the lack of affordable housing and economic displacement, and then pursue zoning changes in phases that complement the affordable housing/anti-displacement policies. Too much of the development has been happening in East Austin alone and, as a city, we have a responsibility to grow equitably. Multifamily development and affordable housing should be equitably distributed throughout all parts of the city.