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How will you address Austin’s housing shortage? What regulations will you change to allow more housing where people want to live?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

I believe our city’s top priority in order to address the housing shortage should be creating new housing, by investing city funds to preserve, build and create more subsidized housing opportunities for our low-income residents and families and by allowing the market to build new units targeted to different income levels and different household sizes.

I think we can can facilitate construction of more units by removing barriers like minimum lot size and parking requirements. The city can upzone desired areas to vertical mixed use, can remove or reduce height restrictions around single family developments along Imagine Austin corridors. The city must also have a more time-efficient review process to reduce the burden on construction due to delays or long review time.

We have a roadmap to address Austin’s housing shortage through the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint. As City Council Member I will work with others to make sure that housing options and affordable housing is equitably distributed throughout the city.