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With Council’s decision to end CodeNEXT, how do you envision moving forward to update Austin’s land development code?

Linda O’Neal

City Council, District 9

We still need to change our land codes.  More people are moving in and we need to make sensible changes in outdated land codes.  I hated that we nixed Next because we’re just going to spend millions of dollars developing a new land code.  We need to reach out to the young people, the middle, AND the working class if we want to change land codes. We also need to listen to the environmental groups who are concerned about rapid development and its impact on the environment. Cities across the country are trying to revamp their land codes to address population growth and affordability. We will have to do the same because doing nothing is not the answer. We must regulate our growth so that the health of our citizens and the environment is protected. That means we regulate demolitions, minimizing lead dust, that means we renovate older apartment units rather than tearing them down. There were plenty of people who were not urbanists or preservationists, who wanted to learn more about CN, but when they did their research, the information out there was clear as mud. We need to engage with the middle as much as we engage with the “urbanists” and “preservationists”.