What policies will you advocate to address the increasingly unaffordable housing, transportation, and utility costs that are economically segregating our neighborhoods?

Lewis Conway Jr.

City Council, District 1

We can make Austin a city that working people can afford to work in, live in, and raise their children in. I believe that we should take care of each other as a community and that means not only working to reduce poverty but to reverse the conditions that create it.

My plan for making Austin affordable will take bold action, bringing people out of poverty and making Austin a city that works for working people.

I propose that we institute a community land trust that would create truly affordable housing, allowing us to keep communities together.

I am proposing that we create a healthcare pilot program that would guarantee health coverage to citizens of District 1, modeled after a successful ten-year program, Healthy San Francisco, eventually expanding to all of Austin.

I am proposing that we institute a Municipal Jobs Guarantee, creating living wage jobs for people unable to find work in the job market.

We must expand and improve our public transportation in order to reduce the cost of transportation and reduce the need to own and maintain a personal vehicle.

Affordability is a complex issue but we can work together to reduce the burden on low and middle-income families.