What three items would you most like reform in our current zoning code?

Bobby Levinski

City Council, District 8

The question asks about the code, but quite frankly, the thing I hope to address most is the tone. Zoning has always been a contentious topic, but the rhetoric used on all sides of the debates surrounding these topics has gone way too far. I am someone who has always tried to be open and receptive to dialogue and solutions from everyone, and I pledge to be a bridge builder. I recently sent an open letter calling on those who opposed CodeNEXT to come to the table so we can get to work on meaningful reforms in the new process.

The question is a bit tricky because of the divergent views of what constitutes “zoning”, so if I may, I’ll speak to changes to the “land development code” instead. I’m very much open to ideas, but three reforms I’m interested in pursuing are: (i) widespread use of entitlement bonuses that can help preserve and create income-restricted housing, while also promoting infill; (ii) green infrastructure and stormwater use requirements to help us use water more efficiently and become a more climate change-resilient community; and (iii) expansion of clustering options on greenfield sites to maximize the amount of undisturbed open-space preserved in environmentally sensitive and flood-prone areas.