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Would you support a policy requiring the City’s Development Services department to achieve its goal of 90% permit review completion within 15 business days across all departments/disciplines by April 2019? (Y/N/Explain)

Bobby Levinski

City Council, District 8

Yes, as stated in my answer to Question 5, there are a number of ways to help achieve this. Should I be fortunate enough to represent District 8 starting in January 2019, I hope that the organizations that are sponsoring this questionnaire will make an early meeting with me so we can discuss what would need to be done. Four months is a pretty short amount of time for the changes that might need to be made, and we may need some other longer-term goals to make sure there’s longevity in maintaining the goal. One thing that would help on a longer-term timeline is addressing the complexity of the code. Complexity is a problem with the current code and complexity was one of the main problems with CodeNEXT. The general idea for a form-based code was a good one, but somehow it turned into dozens upon dozens of various housing types and forms in a multitude of variations of alphabet soup-like zoning districts. As we move forward with revisions to the land development code, we need to keep simplicity, predictability and consistency in mind.