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Which bond Propositions on the November 2018 ballot do you support or not support? Check each that you support. Briefly explain your position.

Bobby Levinski

City Council, District 8

Prop A

Prop B

Prop C

Prop E

Prop F

Prop G

Prop J

Prop A – Support. We are in the midst of an affordability crisis, and these dollars will be critical in helping us generate and preserve housing units for individuals that are being priced out of market-rate housing. My priorities for these funds would include establishing a fund to acquire land (especially, to take advantage of discounted land opportunities such as what we could have done at the Grove); creating community land trusts to ensure long-term affordability of our investments; and building as much publicly owned and managed housing in areas that are housing deficient;

Prop B – Support. This funding will help us make important renovations to branch libraries and help us complete next phases at some of our community-based centers that provide critical services to our residents, such as the Asian American Resource Center and the Mexican American Cultural Center;

Prop C – Support. This ballot item will help us address some of the gaps in our overall parks systems, such as funding for a regional park in the Oak Hill. As our city grows, so does its need for infrastructure. Our parks system is overburdened;

Prop D – Support. This is one of the most important ballot measures. As we are seeing with new floodplain maps, our city’s flooding problems are getting worse due to changes in our climate. This money will help us address drainage infrastructure in areas that are at a high-degree of flooding risk and also provide us some money to acquire lands to mitigate future flooding risks;

Prop E – Support. We have a responsibility to ensure that all families have access to basic health and human services, and this proposed facility in Dove Springs will be a significant step forward in addressing needs in an area of our city that has been too often overlooked and underserved;

Prop F – Support. This proposition is a small drop in the bucket to address the public safety facility needs that we have; I will be pushing for the council to provide additional funding for a fire station in Travis Country, which has some of the worst response times in our entire city;

Prop G – Support; my hope is we can reduce the City’s obligations for the Red Bud Trail Bridge ($50 million), so we can instead repair / reconstruct other aging infrastructure throughout the city;

Props H/I – I will likely vote against both charter amendments. By amending the charter this year, we would likely need to wait until 2024 before the next charter election, due to the state constitution/election timing requirements. I have nothing against these propositions, per se, but there are other charter amendments that I believe are higher priority;

Prop J – Support. While it’s certainly not an ideal solution and there are changes to the petition that I would have preferred, the overall intent of the ordinance is to provide a voter-check on whatever comprehensive revision to the land development code that the council might ultimately pass. My hope is that instead of doing a “comprehensive revision”, we can instead proceed with revisions to the land development code on a more manageable, section-by-section basis. Trying to address 1500+ pages of amendments at once is too overwhelming to have meaningful dialogue. By addressing the very well needed revisions instead as individual amendments, we’ll be able to have better informed conversations and it’ll be easier to achieve consensus;

Prop K – Oppose. My first concern about this proposition is that it is an illegal appropriation of money, in violation of our city charter. Second, it’s simply an unnecessary expenditure of millions of dollars. We already have a very rigorous audit schedule where departments (on a rotating basis) are audited by the independent City Auditor, who identifies more efficient ways we can provide city services all the time.