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What policies will you advocate to accommodate and welcome the full abundance and diversity of people who aspire to live in Austin’s neighborhoods?

“As Austin’s population continues to grow, I am fully supportive of increasing density in the right places and believe we can achieve our goals for an adequate increase in housing supply in every area of the city while adhering to the many other equally important objectives that are formally, legally adopted goals of the City of Austin contained in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. My record shows that I have supported individual and citywide efforts to do so.

Unfortunately, CodeNEXT took a top-down, single-faceted approach to increasing housing supply, while ignoring Imagine Austin’s myriad other goals and eschewed the public processes that were originally prescribed. A community-driven planning process, with specific targets for both market-rate and affordable housing for each area of town, is the most effective way to identify the mechanisms and details for achieving all kinds of housing in all parts of town, including workforce housing.”