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How will you help address the affordability problems in Austin?

We must take strong, bold action to address the affordability crisis Austin is experiencing. To address Austin’s affordability problems as mayor, I will:

  • Take immediate action to retain existing market-affordable housing and stem the displacements of residents including actions proposed in the “People’s Plan.”
  • Begin a community-based planning initiative to put an equitable share of affordable housing in every City Council District.
  • Initiate code amendments to provide “missing middle” housing options so these tools are available for the above-described planning efforts.
  • Revise current affordable housing provisions to strengthen and simplify density bonus programs.
  • Create a feasible funding plan to support the construction of affordable units, including the use of public land, bond money, TIFs and other funding mechanisms.
  • Establish Community Land Trusts (CLTs) by placing city property in a land trust reserved for affordable housing or other critical public needs, and encourage other local governmental entities, including AISD, Cap Metro and Travis County, to take similar actions.
  • Establish a land-banking program to allow government entities or nonprofits to acquire land with the purpose of developing affordable or workforce housing.
  • Implement a commercial fee-in-lieu density bonus program to provide additional resources for affordable housing construction.
  • Consider Tax Increment Financing as an effective tool to direct more funds to affordable housing, particularly in rapidly gentrifying areas where new development is pushing out low- income residents or in high-opportunity locations that do not yet have affordable housing.