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Why do you identify as a Democrat?

Ann Kitchen

City Council, District 5

I believe my background in labor, social work, public service law, and healthcare is part of what it means to be a Democrat. I come from a Labor family and my father was a member of the Communications Workers of America in Houston where I grew up. My first job after attending the University of Texas was as a social worker working with special needs children at the Texas Commission for the Blind. Several years later I returned to UT for a law degree. After graduation, I worked for the State of Texas as an Assistant Attorney General and later with the Health and Human Services Commission. I also served as a Democratic State Representative for much of District 5 during the 76th Legislative Session. In my non-profit and professional life I have served as the Executive Director of the Integrated Care Collaboration and have been a nationally recognized health care expert, advocate, and consultant in health care policy for over 25 years.