How can the City support the continued growth and success of Austin’s tech sector?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

We need to maintain our high quality of life in Austin. It’s the amenities here that give our city its allure and competitive advantage. Much has been written about the link between the creative and tech classes, the former drawing in the latter. This means for Austin that we continue to support all of the arts in town, despite the growing financial burden that makes that harder to do. We need to increase our investment in parklands so folks can better enjoy our natural treasures. Providing relief for our traffic congestion, by all means possible, will also go a long ways in making this an even better and easier place to live. Greater capacity can be found in our convention center and airport  to meet the needs of the tech industry from largest to smallest firms and every conference in between. All of these things taken as a whole speak to why people want to be here. It’s the cities job to ensure the continued success of them all.