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What steps will you take to support modernization and digitization of operations within the City of Austin?

Jessica Cohen

City Council, District 3

I think if there was any one thing to fight the state on besides the Texas “Robin Hood” education recapture fund, it would be to fight the State legislation preventing municipalities from partnering with the private sector to provide low cost city wide internet. The day of slow speed asynchronous DSL is well past its prime and if the private sector won’t do something to replace it, the city should. This could be something as simple as gigabit connections to all residencies and businesses or partnering with Spectrum to provide wifi (or both!) You could pay for one internet account and get access anywhere in the city. Just like electricity, the internet is a must in the 21st century and the COA needs to continue being at the forefront of technology. Apart from that, the entire city website needs a rewrite. One of the most frustrating things during this campaign has been to watch city employees fumble around the city website trying to find information or forms only to be apologized to “because they keep changing it.” The COA website is difficult to navigate, impossible to search, has poor readability, and does not appear to be designed with SEO in mind. If elected, one of the things I promise is not just more transparency but, ease of being able to find the information you’re looking for.