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How do you plan to to improve access to public transportation and ensure its affordability?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

We need to build out a more robust transit system writ large. Whether Bus Rapid Transit or Rail, we need a high capacity and frequency option in dedicated transit lanes. Additional resources should be given to building out our bike and pedestrian master plans. We however, cannot ignore the amenities around our transit options-no one wants to be standing under the sun in 100 degree heat waiting for a bus. The funds will come from CapMetro’s current revenues, but we will also have to explore the value of future bonds to pay for these much needed investments. Longer term, we will have to seek out other jurisdictions to join us in building out a regional twenty first century transportation system. The riders and sources of steady revenue laying in wait with our neighbors will help make CapMetro the transportation it can be.