Austin Parks Foundation is continuously involved in community engagement to ensure that our projects and work align with community values and needs. What is your philosophy on community engagement, and how would you engage with the community to ensure that their needs around parks and open space are appropriately addressed?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

I believe that there can never be enough community engagement. Through
switching to the 10/1 system and other efforts, Austin is moving towards a
city government that is closer to reflecting the diversity present in our
citizenry. As a former organizer, I want to leave in place a system of
contact teams in every neighborhood across the district to keep a pulse on
things. Whether those function through traditional neighborhood
associations, groups of folks coming together block by block, or some mix
there of, the need to be going back out in to the community, outside of
normal channels of city government, is imperative. Not only meeting them
there, but being more present in the digital realm and a greater swaths of
public places, we can help facilitate conversations around their priorities of
the city, I imagine chief among them, the status of our park lands.