Ensuring equitable access to quality parks for all Austinites is a key priority for Austin Parks Foundation. How might you work as a decision-maker for both your district and the city as a whole to move the needle on equitable access to quality parks?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

I want to intensively identify the wants and needs of District 3 in regards to
Parkland, acting decisively on them. Given that many parts of District 3
have historically and currently remain undeserved by park land, I want to,
as Council member, take this information back the city as a whole, use it to
effectively advocate for the allocation to meet these wants, but also
express to our neighbors throughout the city the transformaitve effect this
investment would have. Putting faces and names to this shortage could be
the difference between scratching the surface and radically addressing
historical inadequacies. In order to move this up on the list of priorities,
humanizing the issue of equity, having folks be witness to others reality,
both strike me as the most meaningful ways to make headway.