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How will you coordinate with regional partners to meaningfully address our increasing traffic level? What is your long-term vision for addressing traffic in Austin, and what would be the immediate first actions you would champion as a City Council Member to address the crisis?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

We need to invest in the knowledge of what’s happening on the ground for our partners, articulate the interplay between jurisdictions, express the efficacy and ramifications of our own local solutions, and share as much data and knowledge as possible to take us in the direction of owning this crisis as the shared problem it is. We need to get more CAMPO members to become Capitol Metro members. From a greater shared sense of burden of our transit issues, I believe this can be accomplished. Long term we have to have a legitimate 21st century, public transit system that is diverse and regionally comprehensive. Continuing to have large and fast growing partners not in a regional public transit system will deprive us of the scale, riders, and financial resources we need. Interregional high capacity options are desperately needed, I see those as most logically taking the form of rail. We’re not just trying to materially change this problem but reshape attitudes about how and where we live our lives. Immediate actions can be taken on how we are regulating our traffic, such as adding more smart sensors at traffic lights and reexamining the efficacy of current traffic patterns. We also need to move rapidly on adding in high capacity rapid transit, be that bus or rail.