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Austin has experienced growth but some constituencies have been left behind. What is your vision for the City’s role in funding/supporting the nonprofit network that provide much needed social services? What is your plan for addressing disparities and inequities in our community?

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

The nonprofit sector goes a long way in filling the gaps where the City doesn’t have the extra bandwidth. Council can support these endeavors by making sure we have a thoroughly sorted out inventory of their needs as related to City support. That information will allow us to more effectively allocate and prioritize our resources, from within general revenues, looking to extra funding sources, or helping to find outside partnes. Our interaction with these different organizations uniquely situates us to foster leveraged synergies between groups and preventing duplication of effort. We are going to have to take a hard look at all the functions our city does, because in every one of them there is an opportunity to increase equity. From eliminating food deserts, increasing sidewalks, expanding east west bus routes, the geographical location of affordable housing, access to health services and park land, all of these things make up a baseline of city provided amenities that need to be present to everyone. In order to give those folks at the bottom a fighting chance to move up, there has to be a fair equitable footing for us all start from.