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Do you support a budget at the effective tax rate so home and business owners continue to benefit from the “growth dividend” and pay the same amount in property taxes as in the previous fiscal year? How do we balance this strategy with meeting the needs of people struggling to access services due to a lack of service capacity? How do you prioritize additional funding? Where would you look for efficiencies? (Y/N; Explain)

Justin Jacobson

City Council, District 3

No While I think the effective tax rate is a good tool in understanding the yearly increases of tax dollars in real amounts and its comparative power, I can’t commit to automatically supporting a budget at that rate. While I’m not opposed to keeping the current rate if conditions permitted, I think it would be irresponsible of any elected official to not review the facts and needs of any given year and then make a corresponding decision. As for those that aren’t able to access services because of capacity, we must partner with complementary groups to get folks directed their way and ensure they aren’t lost as capacity opens up. For additional funding, we need to be data driven and invest in those programs that are showing the best metrics or working towards the strategic priorities of council with over demanding need. Every dollar should be in play and up for review.